Magnetic adapters from Additive Manufacturing

Magnetic Adapters from Additive Manufacturing

Adapter of individual shape screwed with suitable magnets for various applications

By using the MEX process from additive manufacturing, adapters of individual shape can be produced. By fixing them with a suitable magnet, these bodies can be used as adapters for empty sockets as well as tubes, as recess bodies or also as oblique pull recess plates for shaft anchors and much more. In case of wear, only the bodies of the adapters have to be replaced. The magnet is reusable.


  • Cost-effective and resource-saving due to the use of the MEX process
  • covers a wide range of customer requirements, as customized forms can be produced
  • can be produced at shorter notice
  • suitable for small series production
  • functional versatility, as rigid and flexible materials can be processed
  • ecological due to the reusability of the magnets
  • suitable for robot applications



  • as recess bodies
  • as adapters for empty sockets as well as tubes
  • and many more...