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MagFly® AP

The MagFly® AP is a patented shuttering magnet and a component of the BT shuttering formwork system. Unique features include the magnetic force-toweight ratio, plus the unique foot/spring system, which allows the magnet to slide easily over the formwork table.

Magnet type PL/E

The PL/E clamping magnet consists of a stable plastic housing with a high strength magnetic package. This magnet also offers our MagFly® technology which makes handling so very easy.

Magnet type BR

The BR is a magnet which has been specially developed for applications in lateral and longitudinal stops and is mainly used in combination with U-profiles in the production of prefabricated ceilings and double walls.

Magnet type KU

The KU magnet is used for holding ball-headed anchors. Depending on the size of the ball-headed anchor, we offer the magnets to fit with the optimum magnetic force in our range of products.

Magnet type GB

The GB magnet is used for fixing threaded sleeves, pigtail anchors etc., on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. It is available with different diameters and magnetic forces.

Magnet type FP

The FP magnet hold-down device has been especally developed for the installation of glass fibre reinforced formworks. Because of its compact construction it is also equally suitable for small recesses or light formwork in wood