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SynkoElast® is a simple to prepare, internal joint tape on a polymer bitumen base. Used in construction and crack control joints in waterproof in-situ concrete structures.


RubberElast® is a self-adhesive compression sealant tape that has been tried and tested many times over for secure and pressure-tight structural joint sealing between pre-fabricated elements.


MultiElast is a self-adhesive andbitumen-free sealing tape against pressing water, used for shell construction as well as for construction joints and component joints.


InnoElast® systems are modern, 1-component sealants with universal applications. InnoElast® sealants can be used to seal expansion and connection joints reliably and permanently, both internally and externally.

ProElast® System

The reliable ProElast® System is an external sealing system for working joints and crack control sections which is capable of resisting high water pressure.


LiquidElast® is a universal, elastic, and water pressure-tight sealing against pressurised water for surfaces and joints in the entire construction sector. This single component sealant can be used internally and externally.


Due to new legal environmental regulations, especially the regulation AwSV (Ordinance on Installations for the Handling of Substances Hazardous to Water, effective since August 1st, 2017), silage clamps must be specially sealed.


Agrar-SynkoElast is an internal joint tape for sealing construction joints in in-situ concrete structures, which convinces by its quick and easy installation.