A big thank you to everyone who supported our fundraiser with a donation!

As part of our anniversary celebration on 01.09.2021, we requested our guests to support MAPP-Empowerment gGmbH with their generous donations.

MAPP-Empowerment is a renowned child and youth welfare organisation based in Magdeburg. Their goal is to create equal opportunities in health, education and life for children - regardless of their background. In order to have a greater impact in Magdeburg in the future, MAPP-Empowerment is planning to build a family centre in the Leipziger Straße district. The aim is to establish a comprehensive range of services for families that will make everyday life easier for them, strengthen family harmony and enable them to take advantage of opportunities to shape their future independently and with self-confidence. Especially for socially disadvantaged families, it will provide an open welcoming environment as well as opportunities to share and engage with their children.

The donations collected on the occasion of our company anniversary will be used to build the family centre. The fundraising campaign raised EUR 5,000. We added another EUR 500 to this amount and handed over the donation of EUR 5,500 to MAPP-Empowerment gGmbH.

"We are very pleased that BT innovation has once again supported our work and encouraged other companies to do the same. In particular, the large number of donations surprised us. We sincerely thank all those involved for their commitment and look forward with anticipation to the implementation of our passion project - the family centre in Magdeburg Leipziger Straße," says Eileen Buß, Managing Director of MAPP-Empowerment gGmbH.