Anniversary celebration on 01.09.2021

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our business partners, employees and long-standing associates for all their good wishes on the occasion of our 30th anniversary. We will cherish the memory of this day for some time to come, and we look forward to many more such years!

Special thanks to the artists who captivated our audience with their artistic brilliance and musical passion, and also to the Lebenshilfe-Werk Magdeburg Gemeinnützige GmbH for the wonderful presents for our guests.
Thank you so much!
Matias Tosi
Pawel Poplavski
Daniela Ruth Stoll
Raffaela Lintl
Joo-Anne Bitter
Jana Marie Gropp
Tangopaar Natalia and Jürgen
Thomas Andree
Joachim Röderer