New internal joint tape for sealing of tanks and mobile silos - Agrar-SynkoElast

With the Agrar-SynkoElast, we launched a new, innovative joint tape for sealing tanks or mobile silos in plants for the storage of liquid manure, slurry and silage effluent (JGS plants) and biogas plants. The Agrar-SynkoElast is an internal sealing tape for construction joints in fresh concrete / in-situ concrete and is applied on set, solid concrete.

The Agrar-SynkoElast is the only approved joint tape for sealing construction joints in JGS and biogas plants (approval Z 74.51-184) in Germany. The Agrar-SynkoElast joint tape system reliably seals joints in the agricultural construction sector that are subject to high exposure.

During the construction of new plants for the storage and filling of liquid manure, slurry and silage effluent as well as biogas plants, only building products that have the appropriate building authority approvals may be used in Germany. The Agrar-SynkoElast can be used to seal these storage and filling plants precisely, e.g. liquid manure tanks, mobile silos, silos for fermentation fodder and solid manure slabs in JGS plants and biogas plants.

The Agrar-SynkoElast offers a closed sealing system for horizontal and vertical joints. The joint tape and the corresponding primer fulfil the legally required proof of suitability and, with the approval Z 74.51-184 from the German Institute for Construction Technology, offer a legal and secure solution for plant operators and specialized companies.

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