Awarded the Environmental Prize of the City of Magdeburg

On 29th of October 2019, 14 companies from Magdeburg were honoured for their special commitment to climate protection and energy efficiency.

B.T. innovation GmbH was one of the companies honoured. During a festive event in cooperation with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Magdeburg, the Chamber of Crafts Magdeburg and the Chamber of Engineering Saxony-Anhalt, BT innovation was honoured as a role model for the economy in the field of "Energy-efficient, environmentally friendly construction through an innovative product world".

Learn more about our wide range of innovations for the construction industry:

  • ThermoPin® – Optimisation of insulation performance by removing thermal bridges
  • BT-Spannschloss® – Reduced environmental impact due to greatly shortened assembly times
  • MultiForm – Replacement for resource-intensive disposable wooden formworks
  • Syflex® – Durable product to reduce wood consumption
  • UniForm® – Durable product to reduce wood consumption
  • BT Q-Anker –  Saving resources through the possibility of thinner wall construction
  • Consulting – Construction of efficient and environmentally friendly precast concrete plants

Further information on the award can be found on the website of the city of Magdeburg