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House construction – RubberElast®

The sealing of the house/basement made of precast concrete elements is easy and quick with RubberElast®. New walls are placed centrally on the RubberElast®. When the walls are mounted, the RubberElast® is compressed and seals the joints.

Flood Protection System Heiligenhafen – BT-Spannschloss® and RubberElast®

To protect a holiday resort from flooding, a quick and optically appealing solution had to be found. With the combination of connecting and sealing technology by BT innovation, coloured concrete elements could quickly be connected to restore the idyllic landscape.

Flood Protection System Klein Schierstedt – BT Spannschloss® and RubberElast®

To protect people and nature, Klein Schierstedt opted for a flood protection wall made of precast concrete elements with connecting and sealing technology from BT innovation.

Concreting in construction phases – SynkoElast®

SynkoElast® shuttering profiles were used for concreting a large floor slab in several construction phases. The profiles were fixed to the reinforcement and the concrete of the first construction phase could be filled in. After removing the protective tape, concreting could continue immediately.

Construction of a multi family building in Gaimersheim - SynkoElast®

Sealing of working joints between floor slab and element walls in house building